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If like me you had the misfortune to galate with the Wi-Fi Manager of Windows 10, I have the solution for you. In this article, I'll introduce you to "NetSetMan Pro". This software will also help you manage specific address profiles for each Wi-Fi, a very useful feature in Linux and which I miss a lot on Windows.

Identifying the problem

In Windows 10, the Wi-Fi Manager is a nightmare. I am talking about a personal experience but it is possible that you have encountered this problem. Basically, as soon as I try to connect to a Wi-Fi, it's common for Windows to no longer display the list of available networks. Another common problem is when Windows simply cannot connect to the network without any explanatory error. In short, a whole list of bugs that I could not solve.
But what pushed me to look for a solution was at work. We have problems with the network infrastructure of the desktop and it is common for the DHCP server to stop working. The only solution is to set up Windows with fixe d IP addressing.

How do I set up Windows 10 in fixed IP address mode?

The setup step is quite tedious. You must first connect to the Wi-Fi network. Then right click on the network connections icon in the taskbar at the bottom right. Choose "open network and Internet settings". Locate the "network and sharing Center" button at the bottom. Click on the Wi-Fi network. In the "Wi-Fi status" window, click on the "Properties" button at the bottom left. Then in the list of elements double click on "Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)". On the tab "General" choose "use the following IP address" and enter the IP, mask, gateway and DNS corresponding to your network.
An even more frustrating problem is that this fixed IP addressing configuration will be effective on any Wi-Fi on which your Wi-Fi adapter will connect. So if you connect to another network that works in DHCP, you will disable fixed addressing that will be erased. You will then have to redo the whole step described if you need to reset the fixed address!
So I'm forced to set up my fixed addressing every time I'm at the Office. Then disable my fixed addressing once at home. And it's terribly frustrating, believe me.

The solution with NetSetMan Pro

NetSetMan Pro is a software for managing Wi-Fi network connections on Windows 10 (and not only is it compatible with Windows 7 and 8). It will greatly make your life easier with a well thought-out interface and especially hyper complete.

Download NetSetMan

Once installed, you will have a new icon of the software in your State bare right down. Make a right click on the icon you will have a menu as below:

NetSetMan menu
NetSetMan menu

I will introduce each option from top to bottom:

  • NSM WiFi management: displays the built-in Wi-Fi network manager you can use it to connect to your registered or new Wi-Fi networks.
  • NSM tools: some useful tools like a network scanner etc…
  • NSM system settings: allows you to simply configure system settings.
  • Windows shortcuts: allows you to quickly access certain Windows settings in Control Panel.
  • [double clic]/cookie: named profile, in my case I named it "cookie", I explain later.
  • SET1.. SET5: named profiles.
  • Close
  • NetSetMan: displays the main window of NetSetMan.

Now we are going to move on to the most interesting part, i.e. the management of IP addressing profiles per network.

Profile management with NetSetMan Pro

Double click on the NetSetMan Pro icon, or right clicking and choose "NetSetMan". You will have a window as follows:

NetSetMan profile management window
NetSetMan profile management window

Under the blue bar "NetSetMan", you can notice tabs, in my case "cookie", "SET1", "SET2"… "SET5". These tabs represent the different profiles that you have available. Each profile depends on the network interface on which it is assigned. This is very important. In my case, I chose to assign it to my built-in Wi-Fi card. If you have different Wi-Fi or other cards, you need to choose the correct card.
Then, when you tick "IP & gateway", you can choose to ophold an IP address automatically or use a specified IP address as I did in the print screen. Notice also the IP + button that allows you to add another IP if you want to avoid conflicts for example.
By ticking "DNS server" you will be able to specify a particular DNS server, in my case it is the DNS servers Google. For the WINS server, it's kind of like the DNS server, in most cases, you don't need to use it.
The additional part allows you to configure certain points. In my case, I fixed the Wi-Fi for which the profile will activate. The rest of the options are very interesting, but I'm not going to cover them.
Note: it is possible that like me, you will be looking to save the data, from what I understand, this is done automatically.

Activating profiles

NetSetMan Pro is not perfect, I noticed that it does not always automatically activate the IP profile. In such a case, right-click on the NetSetMan icon in the status bar and choose the corresponding profile. This will be done automatically.

This is for NetSetMan Pro, I hope it will be useful to you as for me. Let me know if you are having any problems with or if you have a much better alternative!

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