Cryptocurrency at the service of the Internet user

Edit: after this article, we found a very serious controversy about the issue of XMR mining on users ' browsers for the benefit of advertisements. So we handed out the advertisements and deleted the miner that we have integrated since coinhive.

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This article explains how monetise his services and why we took this path.
TL; DR: when browsing our site, we reserve a small portion of your computing power in order to undermine the cryptocurrency that will help cover the costs of the site. We reserve approximately 20% of the power of your processor. (not 50%, not 80% but just 20%)
This allows both to no longer display advertisements (and we ourselves hate advertisements), not to let Google hunt you down and especially to help us discreetly.

The cryptomonnaie?

It is possible that this topic is new to you. In this case, you can check out thecryptocurrency article on Wikipedia.
You can also watch the following video: Bitcoin : how Cryptocurrencies work.

Why implement it on

I have followed the subject of cryptocurrency since the beginnings of Bitcoin. The subject inspired me on several principles that can be very interesting. One of the principles I had imagined when I discovered that there was a JavaScript library to mine cryptocurrency was to place this code on sites and remove advertisements. However, I did not try to apply my idea for lack of time, means and above all know-how.
When I discovered the tool that allowed me to do it here, I did not hesitate because: advertising revenues are absolutely insignificant
      In addition to the little interest they bring, advertisements are detrimental to the user experience

    Would there not be any side effects?

    It's all a compromise story. In my case, I could have just put the script, stuck at 100% power and didn't say anything and left the advertisements. Honestly, I think it's a dishonest technique. I tried to place a small Disclaimer and made sure to reduce the resources consumed by the script to 20% to make sure not to interfere with the visitor experience.
    I confess not knowing if it will be enough to finance the costs of hosting the site, but I prefer to bet on this principle that blindly use Google AdSence or another advertiser.

    Pros and cons

    In my opinion, the benefits are as follows:

    • Do not create nuisance for the user with advertisements that he will not look or block
    • Monetize the site without a real user involvement
    • Be certain that each user will generate even minimal income according to his visit time
    • Do not Tracker and harass the visitor

    As for the disadvantages:

    • Solicit a little more the visitor's machine (if we keep tolerable values it can pass discreetly)
    • Having to choose between doing it without the visitor's knowledge or proposing to block the script (which can be upsetting if everyone stops mining)
    • The impact on mobile or battery-based devices?

    For the last point, I personally intend to place a condition to test whether the visitor is under battery or via mobile and block the script (or put a goal) so as not to interfere with his experience.

    What solution does use?

    Looking for a bit we found cornerhive which is very interesting. Not only is it easy to set up but it is mostly easy to use and understand. I highly recommend it!


    The conclusion is simple, this type of monetization is still experimental but is more interesting than harassing the user with advertisements. For, the compromise is clear. We thank you for your contribution and wish to have helped you with this little trick.

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