Facebook discreetly releases a Lite app


If you have an Android Smartphone, iOS or Windows phone, you've definitely tested the Facebook app, only out of curiosity. Unfortunately for me, being equipped with a modest Xperia M I had a hard to use it so much it devour the resources of my Smartphone.
Wanting to conquer all markets and aware of the lack of their application, Facebook discreetly injected on Google play store last week a lighter version of their official application named simply "Facebook Lite" and available in eight countries (for now?).

A very Lite Facebook version

The application weighs 1Mb which is a fraction compared to the 27 MB of its "normal" version. It is available for Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. Obviously, the new strategy of Facebook is to conquer the market of emerging countries.
I found the Facebook Lite app on the play store, however I couldn't install it (it was predictable) so I downloaded and installed this APK available at APK mirror.
Once launched and connected, the interface reminds me almost the version 0. Facebook or m. Facebook adapted for the feature phones. The interface is very simple, I noticed a rather bizarre behavior with scrolling, as if the weight of the news feed was also "Lite". The "views" of the app load like Web pages, I'm not 100% safe, but I believe it's a native-HTML hybrid version.
Here are some screen prints from my Smartphone:

Facebook Lite screenshots V
Facebook Lite screenshots V

Note: do not confuse Facebook Lite created by Facebook and FastLite for Facebook which is a fairly popular application and recognized as a good alternative to Facebook (official) since as its name implies, it is very fast. Personally, I prefer Friendcaster for Facebook that remains in my eyes a much more accomplished, complete and well supported by its developer.

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