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Managing your music turns out to be very difficult when you have a lot of songs and that-like me-you don't sort them out and don't take the time to correct the ID3 tags. I used the excellent Picard of MusicBrainz which is very effective to tag your music properly and intelligently, but having a "music tagger" on one side and a music player of the other made me tired at the highest point.
In this article I will tell you about a very functional software called MusicBee.

MusicBee, the versatile player

MusicBee logo
Yes versatile, this is the best word that could describe this software! In addition to being a good music library Manager, it integrates almost all the features you'll need. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what it offers:

  • Music player supporting almost all popular formats;. MP3,. FLAC,. ogg,. WMA and many others…
  • Library, it facilitates the search, reading and creation of reading lists.
  • Support for podcasts, audiobooks, Internet radio and online services such as Soundcloud.
  • The inevitable 10-band equalizer with pre-amp, DSP plugins and support for Winamp plugins.
  • Scrobbling online and offline.
  • Different skins in colors and styles.
  • The ability to tag music with automatic detection or manual search
  • The possibility to tag the album covers of music (in tags or separate image file) and from several sources such as, Amazon or Google images
  • Ability to rearrange your music library into hierarchical folders according to your choices.
  • Encoding, re-encoding and leveling the volume of your tracks (and deleting interrupts for example)
  • Support MTP devices and sync with your mobile device or audio player.
  • Other features that I could list…

MusicBee fashion cinema album and artist
MusicBee fashion cinema album and artist

Download MusicBee for free * on its official website

* Free for personal use

I use this software for almost four months and I confess to worship, the only complaint I have is that it is not cross-platform, I hope that the developer will consider skipping the step to Linux.

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