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7 + things to do to repair your failing Android

Being a pretty hack Android user, I can confidently say that I have exposed myself to enough problems and other challenges that have helped me understand the popular Google OS (which just dethusing Windows elsewhere). I will in this article give you a small checklist to pass when your device decides not to work properly. #1-in doubt, reboot! As ironic … Read More

Change the Windows 10 connection wallpaper

Windows 10 quickly became a very hype operating system (good on one side because of the Microsoft update policy and another because it is much more complete than Windows 8 and 8.1). In short, this is not the subject. In this short article, I'll explain how to change the Windows 10 voting connection wallpaper. Indeed, even if it is possible … Read More

Mobile Web MPAs within reach of all

A few years ago, if we had been told that the Internet would become the world it is today, we would have a hard time believing it. Smartphones capable of navigating on huge pages with a gigantic amount of scripts capable of blocking IE6. Content very rich in multimedia and I go. Except that there, mobile phones and Smartphones are … Read More

Install Ubuntu 15.04 under your Lenovo Y510p

Hello I decided to write this article for two reasons; the first is that I myself own the Lenovo Y510p. The second comes from the fact that I have not found much about the topic and so I would like to contribute to this so that novice users do not have the reaction of "Boh Linux sucks, it does not … Read More

Install an HTTP server in localhost quickly and easily

If you are working more in the frontend and client-side Web applications, the problem with the local server is not foreign to you. Indeed, it is common to have to set up a server in localhost just so that the application works correctly (content security policy, I'm watching you). No need to tell you that it is not highly recommended … Read More

Synergy project, from dualscreen to better

If you have already tried the dualscreen, you will be tempted to try synergy project. Be careful though, what I'm going to show you is quite complicated to understand but very very interesting. What is synergy project? Synergy project is a software allowing the sharing of a single keyboard couple mouse/keyboard for many computers, suddenly, instead of having to use … Read More

LibreOffice will eventually go online

Several years have passed since the Foundation responsible for maintaining LibreOffice had announced in 2011 an online version of LibreOffice. Four years later, we are finally pleased to read that the LOOL (LibreOffice OnLine) project is still current. After a long silence about LibreOffice online… Indeed, it was yesterday on 25 March 2015 that the site "LibreOffice from Collabora" published … Read More

Inkscape 0.91 is finally going from beta to stable

For those unfamiliar with Inkscape, it is a GNU GPL open source vector drawing software. Very powerful and efficient, it is a rival of choice against the well-known Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape supports open standards such as SVG and makes it the format of its projects when recorded. Out there, it's been almost four and a half years that despite the … Read More

Facebook discreetly releases a Lite app

If you have an Android Smartphone, iOS or Windows phone, you've definitely tested the Facebook app, only out of curiosity. Unfortunately for me, being equipped with a modest Xperia M I had a hard to use it so much it devour the resources of my Smartphone. Wanting to conquer all markets and aware of the lack of their application, Facebook … Read More

Propel your WP site with really static

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to make your WordPress site much faster when loading your "static" pages? You will tell me that there is the excellent w3 total cache (which we use for Beldy) and that does wonders side optimization of content cache. However, in my research, I got in the lead that it was possible … Read More

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