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Small Disclaimer: this is not the ad for which Beldy.tk is going to be paid, it is an application of a friend and colleague who needs a little more attention!

Nowadays, almost all Android phones are equipped with a Mobile HotSpot feature. This feature is so useful and versatile that we use it together almost all the time. Anyway, I think we know what I'm talking about. So I'm going to introduce you to the problem.

What's the problem?

You are in a café, a buddy asks you to share a little connection so that he can eyeballing a little his Facebook (or Twitter or other, I do not judge). And you activate a Mobile HotSpot. Once done, you have to tell your friend that the access point you created is called "Hax0r Mach! NA" and that the password is "xhfZ08Fx". Your friend does not understand anything, you write it one, two, three times then you give up and hand him the phone so that he can connect.
On the other side, a person heard you and quickly connected to the access point. Here you are with a small parasite that will pump your package (NaN but what manners!).
In short, imagine any scenario. The problem is that it is a hassle to share your WiFi and give the access codes to friends!

The miracle solution?

I say this sarcastically, but to be honest, it's a nice solution that my friend Marouan Frih imagined. The idea is simple, create a Mobile HotSpot with a randomly generated pass word (so no more weak passwords). And easy to share via a simple QRCode.
Oh, Yes! You may not know, the WiFi coordinates can be easily shared via a simple QRCode! Not bad idea eh:).

WiShareNet for WiFi sharing

WiShareNet logo
WiShareNet logo

WiShareNet is a very simple application, a screen with the name of the WiFi network, the password and a button to activate the Mobile HotSpot. Well, there are other buttons but I leave you the pleasure to discover.
You can of course put the name of the access point you want as well as your favorite password, the application will have no problem to generate the corresponding QRCode.

Download WiShareNet from Google play store.

We connect with the application?

Oh, no! You can connect with any Android app that can read QRCodes. I recommend barcode scanner forthat matter.
Of course, you can do the same with the WiShareNet application, it scans you QRCode and automatically connects!

The technical feat

Let's come to the technical feat. This application was created with Ionic 3 by my colleague Marouan Frih to our company NG-enious. (No link not to advertise:p)
This application is based on the Ionic framework and the Apache Cordova platform. It uses native/JavaScript cross-platform components.
That's why I wanted to introduce you to this application, besides the fact that it is very useful, it is based on technologies that transcend the Web and the native. That is really the strength of it all.

Here, thank you for reading this article, I hope you will like it (and the application also from elsewhere).

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