Synergy project, from dualscreen to better


If you have already tried the dualscreen, you will be tempted to try synergy project. Be careful though, what I'm going to show you is quite complicated to understand but very very interesting.

What is synergy project?

Synergy project is a software allowing the sharing of a single keyboard couple mouse/keyboard for many computers, suddenly, instead of having to use a keyboard and mouse for each post you share a single keyboard and mouse on your posts.
To clarify a little, here is an explanatory illustration:

Illustration with and without synergy project
Illustration with and without synergy project

As you can see, without synergy project, by having two computers, you will need to use a keyboard/mouse for each. Not intuitive as a solution.
By using this software, you will be able to control all your computers via a single keyboard-mouse pair.

But how does it work?!

Simple, you install synergy project on each post you are going to use, configure your "secondary" posts by configuring them as clients. Then, switch to your primary computer (which will serve as the server on which you will work with the keyboard and mouse) and configure your server (note that setting up can become very easy if you install the Bonjour service that you will be proposed by synergy project).
Synergy project will then ask you where to place the virtual screens of each post and voila! You will be able to navigate from one computer to another as if you had a multi-screen!

How to obtain synergy project?

Synergy project logo
Synergy project is open source software, except open source is not always synonymous with free, if you want to use synergy project you will have to disburse $10 for a personal version. What for? Because the team is in great need of money and before, with the donation system, they were unable to cover all their financial needs.
However, as they say on the official website, if you want to get free synergy project, it is possible to download it from GitHub and compile it all by itself as a big one. It is also possible to download a nightly (unstable) to test the software.
Remember, if you enjoy this software and you are going to work with it, consider purchasing a personal license.

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