How to earn Bitcoin with perseverance

I will introduce you to a tool that allows you to earn a very small amount of Bitcoin daily. It is not a hoax in itself. I personally received the amount I earned. However, you have to know that I can't guarantee anything.

Is that true? Is that legitimate?!

Know that you are a totally sane person if you ask yourself this and you have to ask yourself questions when a random site offers you to earn money for free.
On my side I have tried this site for a while and I received a payment (insignificant at the time and considerable now). The site also offers some proof of calculation and eligibility but nothing requires you not to do your investigation!
I grant you however, the design of the site is… In fact it is what it is, we can do nothing x).

Where is the site?!

Sign up directly via this link, once directed to the "free BTC" section fill in the CAPTCHA and click the roll button. Every hour you can make a roll, I hope you will have more Exchange than me:D!

A few points to keep in mind

You will be invited to play the "multiply BTC", if you know what you are doing, I do not have to advise you. If you don't understand how it works, in short, it's betting. You bet that the number generated will be more than or less (like a coin you throw in the air). In short, if you are good at statistics and you have a very good chance, go ahead, but I chose not to play this game.
By making a roll, you will also be entitled to lottery tickets, you can buy with your balance but personally, I am not tempted. In short, making a roll gives you a small chance to win the lottery so why not:).
The "earn BTC" section is quite simple, if your balance contains 0.0003 BTC, the site will pay you interest, much like a bank. However, you should disable auto-withdraw (automatic removal) of your funds.
Rewards are a little more special, each roll gives you 2 reward points. You can convert your reward points to BTC but also to gifts.
The "refer" section gives you a link to share with your friends, you will have a small percentage if they register and remain active.

How do I know it's reliable?

Difficult question, to tell you everything, I received a payment, without any problems. Currently I continue to use daily.

I intend to prepare another article about another solution that allows you to win some Bitcoin. You will find tips and especially how to recognize a site that will honor what it claims to propose or not.

Some explanations

You are probably wondering, why I am talking about it, and especially why I talk about it. In fact, it's a pretty fascinating story. I remember discovering this site in 2014 when I just discovered the joys of mining, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Basically the site allowed to earn the equivalent of USD 200 in Bitcoin (if one were lucky) or one of the following amounts ($200, $20, $2, $0.2, $0.02, $2) each hour. Of course, you suspect that you will fall on the smallest amount each time.
That was my case, but at the time, 1 BTC was around 250 USD. So the amounts to be won were (0.8 BTC, 0.08 BTC, 0.008 BTC, 0.0008 BTC, 0.00008 BTC, 0.000008 BTC). So I tried this site pure for a while but I was quickly discouraged since I accumulated a small amount (around 0.03 BTC) off after the phenomenal rise of Bitcoin, these 0.03 BTC that were worth to the $7 became $70 (when 1 BTC was towards the $2000).
In short, the conclusion is simple. The site that I am going to introduce you will earn an amount in BTC equivalent in USD. Except that the fluctuation of the BTC guarantees that this amount changes. If today 1 BTC = $1000 you can win up to 0.2 BTC, if tomorrow 1 BTC = $10,000, you win up to 0.02 BTC.

So much for this article. Do not hesitate to follow us, we have even more interesting stories to offer you.

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